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To compliance and beyond: PaperCut in the healthcare sector

Healthcare is crucial to our wellbeing, whether we’re treating complaints or simply striving to stay healthy.

It also presents an incredible opportunity to innovate and find new ways to add value in technology, infrastructure, and workflow.

After all, there’s a complex web of vendors involved in the healthcare technology supply chain, and endless admins and healthcare workers to support. So how can PaperCut make a difference?


Thankfully, we already have the knowledge in PaperCut. So we pulled together a dedicated healthcare team to coordinate, collate, and share the right information in our network.

Within weeks, I could see the light at the end of the tunnel – a clear story emerging around the strength of PaperCut and its many amazing partners about how we’re solving real compliance challenges in healthcare today.


Our awesome partners had already chalked up numerous hours working closely with healthcare organizations – all we had to do was ask and listen.

Stories of challenges and PaperCut’s power in healthcare came rolling in; stories from real healthcare professionals bringing multiple solutions together to create class-leading results.

From the discussions and interviews held, these were the key sentiments:

  1. PaperCut and its partners are easy to deal with – don’t change.
  2. We’re confident PaperCut can solve any technical challenge.
  3. We only want to hear about commitments you can substantiate.


Healthcare organizations are already taking advantage of PaperCut’s compliance feature set:

They’re extending their secure printing processes (provided by PaperCut) to make sure medical records aren’t exposed to unwanted eyes.

Today, we count many satisfied organizations using EMR/EHR applications like Epic Systems in tandem with PaperCut.

They go about doing what they do best, confident that patient data isn’t being spilled onto print trays; and knowing that if something untoward happens, a full path of traceability is at their fingertips.

The beyond

Of course, we’ll continue to do what we do best:

Working with our peerless partners to solve essential compliance requirements – secure print release and traceability of print jobs – and making sure data stays safe.

But I’d also really like to hear your thoughts on what’s next for innovation in healthcare beyond compliance; namely, what patient data and data access will look like in the future.

Drop me a line at to tee up a coffee and a chat. Thanks!


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