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The importance of print visibility in education

Perhaps the most common printing problem we hear from schools is, “We don’t have control of our print environment.”

It’s not only common, it’s not new. A lack of control over printing is one of the key reasons schools require a print management solution.

Said lack of control essentially boils down to a question of printing visibility. Many schools simply can’t see who’s printing what, and how all their printers are being used.

It’s not their fault either. Schools are understandably complex printing environments. There are multiple printers across multiple areas for teachers, staff, and students. With all those moving parts, it’s easy for a print environment’s behavior to become fuzzy and difficult to see, let alone interpret.

Clarity is the first and most crucial step in managing your print environment.

PaperCut offers you visibility fresh out of the box, (okay, it’s 2021, software doesn’t come in boxes anymore, but you get the point). The second you install PaperCut, you can immediately see how your print environment is behaving by collecting real-time and after-the-fact data.

Access to this logging and archiving data provides granularity into user and site behavior. From these insights you can identify where the holes are in your printing environment. Then you can start plugging those leaks.

Watch our webinar to find out more

To dive deeper into how PaperCut offers you visibility into your printing environment, and how to solve other printing problems in schools, watch our “Better printing in education” webinar.



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