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How to solve your school’s 5 biggest print management issues

Let’s play a game…

Go find me a sysadmin who loves working with printers and I’ll buy you a candy bar!

Okay, look there’s no way I can back that up (and I’m not made of candy bars) but I’m willing to bet (possibly a candy bar) that most sysadmins aren’t the biggest fans of printers.

This goes double for school sysadmins. Print management’s a tough enough gig for any IT team. Throw managing printing for a school’s worth of students and staff on top of that? Even if you loved it, you too would want to take out your frustration on some free chocolate-y, caramel-y goodness.

The bad news is, I was never going to buy you a candy bar (sorry, not sorry).

The good news is we know the five biggest issues schools face when it comes to printing.

The even greater news is we also know how to solve these problems.

The absolutely, fantastic, amazing, better than a free candy bar level of news is we’re presenting a webinar all on how to solve these print management issues in education!

We’ve been talking and listening to school sysadmins about their printing woes. We then assembled a superstar team of PaperCutters and IT professionals to walk you through the five biggest printing issues schools face in our ‘Better Printing in Education’ webinar.

How to solve your school’s five biggest printing challenges

We’ve heard from schools all over the world about the pain points they experience when it comes to printing.

In this webinar we’ll be showing you how to solve the five biggest printing problems for schools…

1. Printing visibility - How to find out who’s printing what, when, and why, and how to control it

2. Document security - Why it’s important and how to protect sensitive information throughout a print job’s entire lifecycle: before, during, and after pressing ‘print’

3. Mobile and BYOD working - How to support students and staff to print from any device whilst enabling hybrid and remote working

4. Cost reduction - How to reduce and recover spend on ink, toner, and paper, while saving money and the environment

5. Time savings - How to free up time for your IT staff and students

Now, this might be where you bet me a candy bar and say, “What if my schools’ biggest issue isn’t covered in the above?” That’s what we have a Q & A for! Bring along your burning questions and while our team may or may not be equipped with candy bars, they will have the answers for you!

Register now!

Forgotten all about my empty promises of candy bars and now all you want to do is attend our education webinar?

Well, just pick your time zone and get your registration on!

‘Better Printing in Education’ webinar dates:

EMEA: 13 July @ 09:30 am BST | 10:30 am CEST

AMS: 13 July @ 11:00 am PDT

APAC: 13 July @ 11:00 am SGT | 1:00pm AEST | 3:00 pm NZST


(_P.S. I may or may not have been eating a candy bar while writing this blog…)

(P. P .S. I totally wasn’t.)_


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