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Project Banksia update - 23 January

Welcome to this week’s installment of the Project Banksia Blog with the notable improvement that this is now actually a blog and not an email! Thanks Jack!

Since this blog now may be reaching a new audience, it’s probably a timely reminder that we’re rolling updates to Project Banksia installations automatically. As long as the machine running Project Banksia can access our hosting server, updates are delivered and installed without the need for Administrator intervention.

The key features or improvements delivered this week were;

  • Support for multiple servers using DNS-SD. We now support up to 21 instances of Project Banksia using the DNS-SD deployment method. This allows customers with multiple sites and/or multiple subnets per site to be able to manage this setup with simple DNS records.
  • Integration into the PaperCut products continues as well. Though a little more on the PaperCut side this week as we start updating the BYOD pages to show statuses of the known Project Banksia servers running.
  • We also fixed some dead documentation links and updated some information that hadn’t changed since making the Android apps public – thanks to those who pointed these out to us..

Next week, we continue with further integration between Project Banksia and the PaperCut products. We’ve already completed the validation of credentials, but have on our “to-do” list;

  • Group based access to print queues as defined in PaperCut.
  • The status of a given user in PaperCut (enabled/disabled).
  • If a user has any restrictions set on duplex, color etc in PaperCut.

Some of these updates will be hard to notice as they’re integration features between PaperCut and Project Banksia and will only work when 17.0 is released. So, to keep everyone interested, I promise you a new shade of green this week. How does that sound?!

Until next week!


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