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PaperCut 12.0 automatically converts print jobs to grayscale and duplex

It’s January and that means a major new release. PaperCut 12.0 adds a popular (as voted by our customers in vote for a feature ) new twist: automatic conversion to duplex and grayscale . Previously PaperCut could only disallow all single sided (simplex) and color printing jobs on a printer, but now jobs can be automatically converted to duplex and/or grayscale. For instance always force students to print duplex or use conditional scripting to automatically convert all Outlook email messages to grayscale. This has been a significant investment of effort by PaperCut Software developers and we are really pleased to release it to our customers.

Other notable new “doodads” include:

  • a new report, Executive Summary . This gives, in a single page, an overview of some useful metrics about printers, users and their jobs
  • New PaperCut icona new refresh to many of our icons and end user web interface so that we look less retro
  • custom dashboard widget . Allows an administrator to add a link to an external application for easy access from the administration dashboard
  • some new scripts
  • new and improved language translations

and many other features and fixes too numerous to mention here. Please refer to the release history for full details.

If you have a current subscription to our premium upgrade assurance plan you may upgrade to version 12 at no additional cost. For our other customers please see our upgrade policy to determine if you are eligible for a free upgrade. Once-off upgrades may be purchased via our online order system . Upgrading now will entitle you to all the releases in the 12.x series throughout the year.

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