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What’s the best way to deploy printers?

Since the dawn of time - or at least the invention of printing - finding the best way to deploy printers meant having a different solution depending on your operating systems  - Group Policies for Windows, Workgroup Manager for Macs.

It also meant accepting that most of your IT helpdesk calls were going to start with, “Uh, how do I print?”

These problems are finally gone for good thanks to a clever bit of tech wizardry developed by PaperCut’s engineers.

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The best way to deploy printers (part 1)

With PaperCut MF or PaperCut NG

Print Deploy automates the delivery of print queues to your users. And it does it in the most logical way.

  1. You set up a permanent reference computer (a virtual machine is perfect)
  2. Download the Print Deploy cloning tool to the computer
  3. Set up your print queues the way you want them (duplex, B&W etc.)
  4. Clone the print queues using the latest (tested) print drivers
  5. Set up user groups (or even zones)
  6. Deploy the print queues to your users on Macs, Windows, Chromebooks and more with the press of a button (ok, the click of a link).

And just like that, your users have the print queues they need to print at different locations of your workplace. Your new user computers are ready to print on day one. The right print queues appear on the right computers for the right printers, every single time.

The best way to deploy printers (part 2)

With PaperCut Hive and PaperCut Pocket

It might be you’re looking at going 100% cloud in your workplace and saying goodbye to your physical server infrastructure.

It just so happens that our cloud print management solutions PaperCut Hive (the fancy, embedded cloud solution) and PaperCut Pocket (the lightweight, intro to print management cloud solution) have print queue deployment built-in. It’s literally managed within the software.

Both PaperCut Hive and PaperCut Pocket scan your print environment for available printers and install a single print queue (“PaperCut Printer”) on your users’ devices to enable secure print release from any user to literally any printer on your network without having to manage anything. Like magic.

And THAT’S the best way to deploy print queues, drivers, and printers with PaperCut, whether your workplace is 100% cloud or you’ve got your own print servers humming along.

Read more about Print Deploy:


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