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The complete list of printer cleaning instructions

So, you need to ensure your workplace is safer than ever before. Not “ensure nothing’s on fire” safe; I mean “keep surfaces as clean as possible” safe.

One of the most touched areas in your office is the multifunction printer. And while PaperCut users enjoy the various contactless printing options available to them, it’s important to know the right way to clean those devices. After all, photocopying, faxing, and scanning still require fingers to make the magic happen.

So here, in one spot, are the manufacturer guidelines for cleaning multifunction devices.

My advice? Study the instructions for the brands you have in your workplace. Collate the key cleaning info onto one page, print it out, and leave it next to your device so users can keep things sparkly and clean.

And if the brand you’re using isn’t listed below, contact them directly for their recommended cleaning regime.

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