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PaperCut and Print Server Clustering

One of the new features introduced when we release PaperCut NG was support for server clustering. PaperCut NG users a Service Oriented Archiecture (SOA) where various application layers communicate using XML Web Services requests. The layered design allows flexible deployment options ensuring scalability.

On a typical install, all components exist on the one server and work together. However on very large networks, printers may be spread across multiple servers. These servers can be configured to talk back to a central application server, which in tern may spread its load by talking to an external database server hosted on another system. This chapter gives a good overview of the architecture:

Even larger sites may wish to take the level of scalability one step further using server clustering. PaperCut NG is a Microsoft Cluster compatible application supporting clustering at all layers including:

  • at the print spooler layer
  • at the Application Server layer
  • at the database layer using clustered databases such as Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle

Configuration and deployment options are covered in this chapter :


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