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Start cutting IT costs by cutting IT waste

Looking for better ways to manage your IT costs?

It’s one of the three big challenges IT teams are facing this year, along with enabling teams to work from home, and ensuring workplaces are safe to return to.

Arguably the easiest way to start cutting costs in your workplace is with your humble printer network.

Start cutting costs by cutting waste

Why? Because it’s where workplace wastage is most obvious. And wastage is the first place to start when cutting costs.

Don’t believe me? Hmm ok, complete this sentence for me: “On the floor beside the printer is a box where we recycle discarded ________________”

I’ll only accept “paper” or “printouts” or “pictures of cats that people have printed out and left for someone else to discard” as your answer!

Yes, your printing network is a hotbed of potential waste. Unless that is, you’re using PaperCut!

PaperCut CEO Chris Dance shares his thoughts on business wastage

By the numbers

Here’s a little food for thought when someone says, “Hey, you, find a way to trim costs from your budget.”

You can expect a 10 - 20% reduction in print costs from introducing print management to your IT stack. Whatever you’re spending on your printing environment today, installing PaperCut WILL reduce those costs. Woohoo!

With PaperCut, around one in ten documents are no longer printed. Instantly, you’re spending less on paper and less on toner or ink.

Farewell, recycle bin! Hello, reduced printing costs!

What is this magic?

So how does it cut costs? Here’s the briefest of overviews (for more, say hello to my little friends called 5 steps to your lesspaper office ). In short, PaperCut lets you:

  • See who’s printing what (and when)
  • Stop printouts from printing out until they’re released by the user
  • Recommend that users print in black and white only
  • Print in color only when needed
  • Introduce quotas (and even charging options)

“We’ve certainly saved something in the region of between £3-4,000 GBP worth of print costs already. And the solution’s only been live for a few months. If I extrapolate that, we’re going to make some considerable savings, which is going to pay for the software itself.”

Mark Walker, IT Manager at KLM UK Engineering

When you’re looking for better ways to control your IT budget as a result of the events of 2020, start with wastage. And if you’re not using a print management solution yet, you really, really should start.

You can grab a 40-day trial of PaperCut NG (that’s our entry-level print management solution) at our Better Ways Hub below. You’ll start to see savings within those 40 days. Go on, give it a go.



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