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Print Geeks 037 | Printing and the cloud: everything you need to know

Cloud computing is a hot topic in the print industry. But why?

That’s the question I was wrapping my head around when I first joined PaperCut Software. 3 years later, I’m still bumping into confusing nuances around printing and the cloud.

So this episode is for anybody else out there who’s ever been confused when researching printing and the cloud.

To help me explore the intersection between printing and cloud technology, I’m joined by a panel of some regular and fresh voices.

As always, our resident Canadian PaperCutter and semi-regular podcast co-host, Jamie McClunie helps me out. To provide a veteran print industry perspective we’re joined by our go-to print expert, Lucas Randall. And making her Print Geeks debut is Rebecca Ballantyne, from our Customer Experience team.

Together we delve into the fundamentals of cloud printing, including how it works, why it’s useful, and what types of businesses can benefit from it. 

 Whether you’re a business owner looking to improve your printing processes or an individual looking to better understand the impact of the cloud on the printing industry, this is the episode for you.

Episode timestamps

  • Intro 0:13
  • “Printees” not customers 3:19
  • What’s the deal with printing and the cloud? 4:08
  • Cloud printing vs cloud print management 4:56
  • The “print pyramid”: infrastructure, enablement, and management 6:37
  • What “printees” mean when they say cloud 10:14
  • Who says “cloud” anyway? 12:46
  • What printing problems? 14:09
  • Printing from cloud storage 16:33
  • Back to the print pyramid! 17:29
  • Private, public, and hybrid cloud 18:29
  • Hardware lease agreements and the cloud 20:59
  • What’s a “server” anyway? 21:53
  • Why are we talking about the cloud like it’s 2009? 24:43
  • Print: the “last bastion” of the cloud 26:12
  • How cloud-hosted print software works… 31:14
  • Think “printing problems” before thinking cloud 33:54
  • Summary 36:45
  • Outro 40:31

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