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Print Geeks 035 | How to get PaperCut software

It’s all well and good we tell you how fantastic PaperCut Software is.

We have blogs, podcasts, videos, and more that wax lyrical about how brilliant our print management software is.

But we are aware that some of you out there struggle when it comes to actually getting PaperCut software.

We have Authorized Resellers and Authorized Partners… who are they and what do they do?

If you’re speaking to someone at PaperCut, they could be a member of Technical Services, Customer Care, or Technical Support… what’s the difference between all of them?

Once I’ve found the PaperCut product I want, how do I buy it?

We understand that our website is so full of content that you might get lost when getting to the “I just wanna get this stuff” section.

This podcast episode is for you.

I’m joined by two brainy PaperCutters who know all about how to get PaperCut. They speak to customers and partners daily. And they were in Melbourne via Portland so I had a chat with them about how to get PaperCut and what the PaperCut ecosystem is and how it works. They’re PaperCutters Shari and Ariel. 

If you want a quick explainer on how PaperCut’s ecosystem works as well as a some little tips for when you’re purchasing, look no further.


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