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Print Geeks 034 | Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging at PaperCut

Print. Geeks.

Why did we call our podcast that?

Because we’re geeky about print.

But on today’s episode, we focus on the geek part of the equation.

We’re aware that part of the title can be considered tongue in cheek. Geek, like the word nerd (that rhyme though), can be used as a derogatory term to describe people who are considered different.

But, we’re proud geeks here at PaperCut. Not just about print. We’re passionate and nerdy about many elements of society and culture. As part of our overall mission of sustainability, we strive to create, cultivate, and celebrate a happy today and tomorrow for all humans. And part of that is being proud of what makes us different.

So, sidestepping from the print side of things, and focusing on the human, brings us this week’s installment of the Print Geeks podcast. I’m joined by visiting Portland PaperCutters Operation Specialist Shari and Customer Care Specialist Ariel to talk about PaperCut’s global Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging group or DEIB for short.

DEIB is a unique part of PaperCut culture. It’s been going 3 years strong and strives to ensure all PaperCutters and partners feel a sense of home and can embrace what makes them unique, inside and out. Shari and Ariel were in town, along with many other global DEIB members, planning DEIB’s next 12 months, and to celebrate Midsumma Pride March here in Melbourne Australia.

I had a chat with the two about what DEIB is, how it was founded, why it’s important in every workplace, and how the Midsumma Pride March went.


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