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Print Geeks 032 | What trends defined the print industry in 2022: annual end-of-year special

Can you believe 2022 is nearly at an end? 

We certainly can’t. To celebrate another 12 months on the calendar, we assembled a special panel on the Print Geeks podcast!

I’m joined in this episode by three regulars to the show:

  • Jamie McClunie - Product Marketing Manager and PaperCut’s favorite flannel-wearing Canadian
  • Matt Coad - Senior Product Manager and veteran of the print and copier industry
  • Lucas Randall - Product Marketing Manager and fellow veteran of the print and copier industry

We look back at 2022’s forecasted trends and comment on how they impacted the print world this year:

  • The “new normal” of hybrid working and the return to the office
  • How increased security threats and risks impacted businesses
  • Sustainability’s preeminence in software buying decisions 
  • The continued migration to and settling into cloud-based print management

We also celebrate the first full year of Print Geeks with some highlights from all our favorite episodes.

And a Print Geeks podcast wouldn’t be complete without a monthly (albeit brief) checkup with The Doctor aka Doc Ballje. 

All that and more in this bumper 1+ hour episode of Print Geeks!

We’ve also started video content for our podcast! Head to our YouTube Shorts channel  ​​​​​​and check out some selected snippets of the episode.

Small housekeeping matter: This will be our last episode for the year until our return on 11 January, when we resume our regular fortnightly release schedule.


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