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Print Geeks 029 | Thoughtful printing explained: what’s an essential document?

“Keep printing thoughtfully.”

Listeners of the PaperCut podcast hear me utter those words at the end of every episode.

You could call it the Print Geeks catchphrase. Why? Because “thoughtful printing” is essentially everything we do at PaperCut software. We craft clever print management solutions to make your printing easier, more secure, and sustainable.

But what good is a catch phrase if it’s never explained? 

So on this episode of Print Geeks, myself and PaperCutter Jamie, fellow regular to the podcast, dive deep into a discussion on what informs the philosophy behind thoughtful printing.

We don’t leave it there though. We also propose a quick formula/checklist to determine when a print job is absolutely vital.

We also get a bit bogged down in talking about Valentine’s Day and Birthday Cards.

But there’s a point, I swear!

Listen now to hear the full episode.

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