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Print Geeks 028 | How office workers forgot how to print

The pandemic appears to be (nearly) over.

At the very least, for many individuals and businesses, personal and professional life at least feels normal again .

A caveat though… While workplaces around the globe have been returning to the office , workers have demanded flexible/hybrid/home working arrangements.

So even for offices that are recommencing business as usual, printing volumes are still nowhere near their pre-pandemic levels. 

Fewer people are in the office, and when they are, it’s in a more sporadic cadence.

For some of you returning to the office, you’ve forgotten so much. Each trip you find yourself asking the same questions and relearning the same processes. “Where do we stock the coffee again? Which desk is mine? How do I print, again?”

But are office workers forgetting how to print? Or did they adapt to not printing? And with all that printing not happening, how does that impact a business’s Managed Print Services (MPS) contract?

To answer these questions, the Print Geeks podcast is joined by two PaperCutters who are no strangers to geeking out about printing.

In our third installment of a series on MPS, I’m joined on our podcast by two former guests. Senior Product Manager Matt Coad and Product Marketing Manager Lucas Randall are quickly becoming regulars to Print Geeks, and in this episode, they form a print industry expert panel to dive deep into how hybrid working is changing the workplace. And by extension, how it’s changing office workers’ relationships with printing, copying, and scanning.

Listen now to hear the full chat. 

If you haven’t yet heard our previous episodes on MPS, check out Matt’s summary of the history of MPS and Lucas’s thoughts on whether or not businesses still need photocopiers .

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