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Print Geeks 021 | Print management vs print enablement

It’s the second Wednesday of the month, and that now means there’s a new episode of the Print Geeks podcast!

Print Geeks has been running for nearly a year now, and we’re now hitting a regular rhythm.

Tune in on the second and fourth Wednesday each month to hear myself talk to print geeks inside and outside of PaperCut about all things print and tech.

Then join The Doctor AKA Doc Ballje on the first Wednesday each month for The Doctor’s Check-up.

On this episode

It’s about time we stepped back and addressed a simple question: what is the difference between print management and print enablement? And just in case, what is print management and print enablement, anyway?

I’m joined by PaperCutter veteran of 12 years, Jason Clarke, to delve into this question. Jason’s no stranger to the blog, and Reddit users will know him as igotapapercut. But this is his podcast debut, and we’re ecstatic to have him on the show!

Jason taps into his experience at PaperCut, and his former time as a SysAdmin, to discuss what informs print management and print enablement development. He also dissects our flagship print management solution, PaperCut MF, as well as our print enablement solutions Mobility Print and Print Deploy.

I won’t give any more away. Grab a hot beverage or pop on your walking shoes and get your listen on.

And make sure you hit subscribe, wherever you listen to podcasts, to catch all of the ongoing print geekiness.

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