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Print Geeks 011 MeetCuts | Matt the (new) product manager

I can’t think of a better first blog for 2022 than to announce episode 11 of our recently rebooted podcast, Print Geeks!

Only a few months in and we’re already hitting double digits! What’s more special is this is our first episode of MeetCuts - the reimagined continuation of our previous podcast Meet a PaperCutter.

Ran by Matt Lee in the UK, Meet a PaperCutter laid down our podcast foundation. We didn’t want to lose those roots, so when we rebooted his efforts into Print Geeks, complete with various episode themes, we made sure we retained our interview series - with its own awesome (or awful) pun for a segment title.

Not only is the first installment of MeetCuts for Print Geeks, but it’s also my first episode as host! Who am I? Josh, technical support engineer. You may have seen me on the blog before. Outside of print management, I’m a big podcast fan so when we launched Print Geeks I put my hand up to host MeetCuts as often as I can. I won’t be the only host, however, and I look forward to being joined by some co-hosts soon.


For this episode, I was joined by somewhat of a PaperCut newbie, Matt Coad. I say somewhat because although he joined us in October 2021, he’s been working with PaperCut since 2008! Before he joined us he was at Upstream, and has been in the print and copier industry for 14 years and counting.

Matt Coad, or (new) product manager

During his recent trip to Melbourne, we caught up in the PrintGeeks pod booth to talk about how Matt got started in the copier and print management industries, his new role at PaperCut, emerging technologies like blockchain, as well as Matt’s go-to coffee order (this is PaperCut after all).

I hope you enjoy the episode. We’re already lining up our next line-up of guests, but do let me know in the comments if there are any PaperCutters (that includes partners) you’d love for me to meet next!