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Why Quocirca’s new report is great news for PaperCut Hive

There’s a fancy new report out from our friends at Quocirca called ‘Cloud Print Services 2021’. And just quietly, it validates the effort we’ve put into building PaperCut Hive over the past couple of years. So that’s nice!

The report, compiled from interviews with more than 200 organizations in the UK, USA, Germany, and France, identifies features within PaperCut Hive as key pillars of the future of print management in the cloud.


The importance of edge computing

Quocirca focuses on the expectation that a hybrid cloud approach is likely for many businesses moving forward, while also pointing to a number of factors expected to “… drive demand for edge computing solutions in 2021 and beyond.”

PaperCut Hive enables serverless printing thanks to its Internet of Things (IoT)-inspired Edge Mesh technology. That means every computer in your organisation is a node for replicating and processing print jobs, bringing cutting-edge IoT tech to the world of print.

The Edge Mesh in PaperCut Hive introduces the concept of a self healing print management environment. It means users can close their laptop and still retrieve their printed documents. It also means documents print fast as you don’t need to travel up to the cloud and back, which, let’s face it, is a bit of a timewaster.

Zero-trust critical for printing

Another key callout in the report is the importance of zero-trust security in cloud print management solutions, a  concept that influenced PaperCut Hive’s engineers from the first line of code written.

“Every laptop, phone, desktop, or server you connect into the Edge Mesh is authenticated and explicit authorization is required to enter the mesh”, Matt Schotten, PaperCut cloud lead says. “Regardless of what type of user you are or network you’re printing from, trust is never assumed.”

The cloud print management forecast is clear

While it was only a matter of time for printing to join the ever-growing list of technologies shifting to cloud management, there’s no doubt the COVID-19 pandemic has sped up adoption:

“We’ve partnered closely with our channel to ensure that PaperCut Hive is relevant to the evolving needs of their customers”, Matt says.

“To respond quickly to changing market demands, we’ve adopted a continuous deployment process that allows us to rapidly improve the product and deliver regular feature additions in real-time and direct into the hands of users. The automatic updates lower the channel’s barrier to entry for deployments and improve their customer retention through regular value delivery, improving the potential of their customer lifetime value.”

To get your own copy of the Quocirca report, visit the download page .


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