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[WHITEPAPER] PaperCut and High Availability

At PaperCut, we take ‘high availability’ extremely seriously. Our software is used by schools, hospitals, lawyers, accountants, aircraft engineers and more—we simply cannot have our software fail them. So we’ve got strong views on how to ensure your workplace has high availability baked in to its systems.

In fact we’re so passionate about it, we wrote a whitepaper - creatively titled ‘High Availability’.


In this whitepaper, we look at what high availability actually means. Is all uptime the same? What are the factors that contribute to high availability? How can you ensure the best possible uptime in your print environment?

So many questions, so many succinct answers.

If you’re in a business with stringent uptime requirements, or if you simply want to ensure your networks are operating optimally, this read’s for you.