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PaperCut wins at PRINT IT 2021 Awards

Well, this is humbling.

At the PRINT IT 2021 Awards, our flagship print management solution, PaperCut MF, was announced the winner for Security Solution of the Year .

Security is such a challenging area for all of technology. The landscape is constantly shifting, and we’re continuously learning and evolving how to mastermind data and document sovereignty in the print world. It’s such an incredible honor to be presented with an award in a realm where the work never finishes.

“It’s great to see that the hard work and effort put into our Product Development is recognized by external parties.  From our Product Development Teams to Marketing to Customer Support & Customer Care - it is a big effort for all and great recognition for PaperCut Software and PaperCutters globally. We look forward to building on our hard work even further.  Exciting times ahead!”

Stu Brookes, EMEA partner enablement lead

To be honest, and cliche warning, we’re normally just chuffed when one of our products is nominated for one award, let alone given three nods for three of our solutions :

It wasn’t just about us either, we were so happy for our pals Intuitive Business Intelligence who were named a finalist for the Best Partner Programme Award.

It truly is a treat to work with such dedicated and innovative organizations.

On that note, and we’ve said this a few times, but it’s true, our partners are to thank for any nomination we receive. So we want to double thank them when we win - so thank you, thank you!

We’d like to also thank PRINT.IT Reseller for the night, and congratulations to our fellow print industry solutions for all their nominations and accolades.

We don’t do it for the awards - even though they are really nice - we do it for the coding. We see this as encouragement to continue striving on our security journey. We’re looking forward to what another year in print security delivers.


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