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Google verifies it’s CERtainly happy with PaperCut

Google announced today that PaperCut is an inaugural member of the Chrome Enterprise Recommended partner program.

Specifically, our print management solutions Mobility Print with PaperCut MF and PaperCut NG are verified as Chrome Enterprise Recommended products for ChromeOS.

That’s super exciting stuff for us PaperCutters. It means our solutions are recognised by Google as fully compatible with their solutions.

PaperCutters react to Google’s announcement

But let’s back up for a second. What is the Chrome Enterprise Recommended program? Why does it exist?

The Chrome Enterprise Recommended Program shines a spotlight on exceptional partner solutions that deliver an elevated set of features and support on the ChromeOS platform.

There are several categories within this program, including “Identity”, “Access management”, “Virtualization” and “Printing”.

The program’s an important one, because more and more workplaces are switching to the ChromeOS ecosystem. It’s critical that those businesses use add-ons and third-party software that have been verified by Google. The last thing a busy systems administrator needs is incompatible (or untested) software interfering with a team’s work.

How fancy’s THIS!?

The Chrome Enterprise Recommended program is specific to partners (like PaperCut) focussed on developing and validating enterprise solutions for Chrome (OS/Browser). With validation being the key here, meaning that Google has gone through an extensive validation process not only on the technical solution, but also the capability of the partner to support enterprise customers.

Meanwhile, the Google Cloud Partner program is designed to empower partners with tools, technology and support to create solutions that integrate with or run on Google Cloud to complement or enhance Google’s products. Partners like PaperCut, that have demonstrated the highest levels of technical proficiency, expertise, and impact, are elevated to a premier level. As a premier partner, PaperCut works much closer with the Google team to put customers first.

They’re two different programs initiated by Google for its customers in association with different partners and vendors across the globe.

We’re big fans of these programs, because both Google and PaperCut believe that the best customer solutions are born from collaboration. Together, we’re stronger.

Hmm ok. What are my options with PaperCut? Please help me understand more about Mobility Print with PaperCut NG and PaperCut MF?

Chromebook users currently have three PaperCut options:

  • PaperCut Mobility Print
  • Mobility Print with PaperCut NG
  • Mobility Print with PaperCut MF

PaperCut Mobility Print (Free solution)

For many Chromebook customers, this will be an ideal solution. Mobility Print enables:

  • Easy printing from BYOD or managed Chromebooks (plus Android, Windows, Mac and iOS)
  • Secure printing over the internet
  • Support for practically any printer

Mobility Print with PaperCut NG (Free up to 5 user licence)

Above, plus additional print visibility, control and data loss prevention.

Mobility Print with PaperCut MF

Above, plus additional print, copy and scan visibility, control and data loss prevention. Specific to Google customers, they also get Scan to Google Drive plus document enhancement like OCR, despeckle, deskew, document split.

Here’s a handy comparison chart …

A comparison table starring Mobility Print, PaperCut MF, and PaperCut NG … who will win?

Learn more about each solution here


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