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Gartner® Report - "Strategic Roadmap: What is the digital workplace of 2027 and how do I get there?"

Hybrid working’s here to stay, it seems. What was once only spoken about in keynotes by futurists is now an important part of planning for how companies operate into the future.

So how do you plan for this? How do you shift your thinking from “I need a temporary solution” during the pandemic to “I need a permanent digital workplace approach” going forward? 

As it happens, Gartner has produced a handy piece of research that helps you strategise for remote working success. 

Solving the challenge of how to print remotely (among other considerations) requires a holistic approach from more than just your IT team. Success will involve cross-team collaboration and a rethink on all existing work processes. 

That’s either a good thing (assuming you get all-of-company buy-in) or a bad thing (if the wider company thinks this is an IT-only problem that just requires revamped infrastructure). 

Strategic Roadmap: What is the digital workplace of 2027 and how do I get there?’ is the ideal starting point for planning how you’ll technically support your hybrid workforce. 

The research gives you a platform from which to build your strategy, based around three key themes:

  • Technology | You need a common enterprise technology architecture to support all functions and business units
  • Talent | New skills and roles - along with multidisciplinary fusion teams that blend IT, analytics, business domain expertise - are needed to achieve the highest levels of digital ambition.
  • Processes | Digital workplace leaders must participate in collaborative cross-functional efforts to achieve organisational goals. This will require new processes to be implemented, and old processes to change.
Gartner, Strategic Roadmap: What is the digital workplace of 2027 and how do I get there?, Christopher Trueman, Lane Severson et al, 10/28/22

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