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10 non-powered activities for Earth Hour 2020

The hour of no power is upon us.

What? Climate change? While we’re in the middle of COVID-19? Yeah, look, it’s a tough one. Our world is dramatically changing right now. But we must hold onto hope that the world will keep spinning. That means we will still need to focus on important issues. We had a lot of work to do on climate change before COVID-19, and we’ll have a lot of work to do once we get a handle on this pandemic.

That’s why we’re joining the millions around the world who will be switching off their lights for Earth Hour . It’s the largest global movement for our planet to raise awareness and take action on the impact of climate change.

On Saturday 28 March at 8.30pm EST, all our global offices will be turning off their lights for an hour and encouraged to undertake non-powered activities during this time. (While we’re still currently in our Distributed Working model due to COVID-19, our Operations teams across our offices still have access and will do said turning off the lights).

While it’s a small act, we’re hoping it all adds up and brings awareness to a cause we’re passionate about.

If Earth Hour was a challenge before, it’s doubly so now since so many of us are homebound in self-isolation. Those of us with children and teenagers are already finding unique ways to occupy everyone’s time in constructive and relaxing ways.

We drummed up some non-powered activities for Earth Hour, but these are also some solid ideas if your family has already looped the Netflix catalog.

(Disclaimer: some of these activities might require candles for light).

1. Have a candlelit dinner

Speaking of candles, most of us have one we were gifted a few years ago, living in the back of the cupboard. We can put it to good use and create some mood lighting to complement a homemade or takeout meal.

2. Exercise

If it’s safe to do so in your area, you can go for a walk. Depending on the space or how many candles you have, you could do a home workout. Alternatively, you can play with your pets - just make sure your dog’s tail doesn’t knock over any candles.

3. Play a board game

This is a great activity outside of Earth Hour. Boardgames provide a break from technology via interactive gameplay. You can have some ‘friendly competition’ with UNO or make ’enemies’ with Monopoly. If the latter isn’t a great option, check if your neighbors or friends (while employing social distancing) have a board game collection - there are some great collaborative games that don’t result in family squabbles.

4. Decorate some cookies

Baking can be both relaxing and creative. We recommend pre-baking cookies before Earth Hour, letting them cool, then getting out your yummiest icing and embracing your inner pastry chef.

5. Pick up a book

Have you added reading to your self-isolation routine yet? If not, now’s a chance to find that book you’ve secretly been neglecting and settle in by the candlelight with a relaxing beverage. Just make sure beforehand that the lighting is suitable as reading in poor light can cause eye damage.

6. Practice self-care

Are you taking care of yourself? This hour might be a good chance to do so. Paint your nails, put on a face mask, dye your hair, have a bath or practice some yoga or meditation as some well deserved mental health time.

7. Camp inside

Another idea to keep up your sleeve as an extra self-isolation activity to entertain the kids. Who doesn’t enjoy a good pillow fort? You can even go one step further and set up a tent indoors, taking the coziest part of camping without the bugs, wind, and dirt. Or you can go the outdoors route if you have space in your garden.

8. Get out the Lego

Please don’t tell me I’m the only one with full sets of Lego just waiting to be built? If not, while you’re tracking down that old gifted candle see if you have any arts or crafts laying around. Colouring and drawing are simple but effective activities for recreation and tranquility.

9. Check-in with your neighbors

Pop next door and ask if your neighbor is okay. Do they need any groceries or company? A small gesture can go a long way, especially right now. You just may want to check beforehand if they’re observing Earth Hour as well.

10. Just sleep

Let’s be honest, we could all do with an early night. A nice long sleep isn’t just restorative but also beneficial for your physical health and mindstate.

Let us know if you’ll be joining the cause and participating in our non-powered activities by commenting below or reaching out via Twitter , Facebook or Linkedin .


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