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Whitepaper: PaperCut MF and Cloud Services Security

What do Elizabethan assassination plots, commercial aircraft theft, and jewelry store robberies have in common?

Data security.

It’s nothing new, and it’s built into everything we design at PaperCut.

But it’s not just one thing.

Security, like onions (and parfaits), has layers:

  • physical - padlocks, barbwire, (attack dogs)
  • administrative - training procedures, security audits, (background checks)
  • technological - passwords, encryption, firewalls, (forcefields)

Peel back PaperCut MF’s Scan to Cloud Storage and Document processing services and you’ll find all three of these data security layers, (minus the attack dogs and forcefields).

We’ve already released a Securing your Print System whitepaper, but as we launch our new cloud platform we’ve been asked how we secure data in the cloud.

We wanted to give you the full scoop from the ground up, so we wrote a brand new whitepaper - Cloud Services Security in PaperCut MF.


What’s in it at a glance?

  • The data path of the customer document
  • How we verify the user identity
  • How PaperCut is secure
  • So many dang acronyms!

We walk through all the steps of cloud services security in PaperCut MF, from document processing, to document path, data retention, and user authorization.

We’ve also included answers to frequently asked questions on business processes, software development, vulnerability awareness, processes, and procedures.

If you’ve ever asked, ‘How does PaperCut MF keep customer information private, secure and accessible in the cloud’, we’ve got the answers for you.


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