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Printing in education? Why you'll find print analytics helpful

Have you implemented PaperCut in your school, college, or university with the aim of reducing waste, increasing print security, and driving better use of print? This post takes a look at print management dashboards and considers how they can add value to you if you’re in education and want to leverage your investment.

Here are some of the common challenges that you might face with regards to printing, whether you’re providing “paid for” printing in universities and colleges or “free” printing in schools.

Budget constraints

With tight IT budgets across the board, printing is a necessary cost but one that needs to be carefully managed. So how can you go about reducing the cost of printing per student / staff member throughout your school, university, or college?

Manage your print infrastructure

Do you know which devices are being over and underutilised across your entire organisation? How is print demand being generated across the university/school/district – and can you analyse by staff members, students, department/faculty and application?  If you can understand the key trends in your organisation, you’ll be in a better position to understand what’s required from your print estate in the future too.

Reduce environmental impact and waste

How can you help to further reduce print waste and ultimately contribute towards reducing the environmental impact of printing?  Can you give an easy visual representation of your print activity, in terms of number of trees, CO2 generated or KwH so that users can see what they are using and influence positive change?

Get insights into student / staff printing behaviour

How do you gain insight into what students and staff are printing and at what volume?  Are there some users that print way more than the average, or one faculty where the staff are printing a higher proportion in colour than any other?  Once you understand these patterns of print behaviour, you will be in a better position to take action.

Understand successful behaviour

Can you better understand student printing behaviour and establish if there is a link here to academic success or otherwise?  **  **  Is it possible to establish if students who print more get better grades, since they are printing information that is relevant to their chosen subject area or that reading from the printed page is more effective than online copies?

Driving more value from your PaperCut investment

Having already invested in PaperCut for print management, many schools, academies, and universities still face challenges around data visibility.  Creating regular reports from your print management software can be time consuming. Furthermore, its not easy to drill from a high level view down into the detail making it difficult to answer these questions.

Intuitive has developed a range of easy-to-use visual dashboards allowing users to analyse the data for cost savings, make efficient use of their print estate and provide environmental visibility of print activity.

Intuitive for PaperCut dashboards allow you to:

  • Easily understand the data and establish where print demand is coming from
  • Understand printing trends and determine what is being printed across different departments in a college or university, or schools in a region, allowing for benchmarking.
  • Visualise what students and staff are copying, printing and scanning.
  • Identify who is taking advantage of the printers that are available.
  • Understand where print cost trends are going and why.
  • Quickly see under or over-utilised printers

So, if you need a simple to use dashboard solution, designed to make data interaction easy​ for end users without any technical input, which provides easy navigation through your print data to answer queries that you might have, Intuitive for PaperCut could be for you.

Interested to find out more?  Speak to your Intuitive for PaperCut reseller / dealer today.


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