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Where did everyone go?

There aren’t many companies where you can prank the CEO and CTO, but we managed to do it when we moved office! With a team growing at a pace faster than our agile development , we moved HQ once again, only two years after the last growth spurt.

In keeping with PaperCut’s ‘qwirky’ fun culture, we couldn’t let our founders go without getting punk’d as happened to our mild mannered Tech Support star, Josh in 2014.

Taking a well earned vacation when PaperCut HQ moved from Mount Waverley to Hawthorn in 2014, Josh was told (by our CEO Chris) to go to the old, empty office when he returned back to work! This time, we’ve turned the tables on both Chris and Matt !

Using some secretly placed mobile phones and GoPro cameras, we managed to capture 65 people abandoning our cramped Hawthorn office in inner city Melbourne to our custom designed, very green new headquarters in Camberwell , a leafy suburb 8 kms from the city center.

Watch it here , tell me what you think below or share it out to your friends and colleagues. :)

Our culture greets you as soon as you exit the elevator, with a grassed reception, a virtual reality screen and lots of chill out spaces including the /dev/coffee cafe, now bigger than ever for the perfect espresso, macchiato or whatever takes your fancy.

And hey, as Matt says, if you’re ever in town, drop in for a coffee!

ps. If asked, Josh will deny that he turned up to the old Mount Waverley office! :)


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