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Why our Google Cloud Print alternative is free

PaperCut’s been around for over 20 years and, if I may be so bold, we make successful and highly regarded print management solutions.

So how come PaperCut Mobility Print’s free? We’re not offering this product to get our company off the ground. So you may ask the question why?

What’s the catch?

To be honest this is a natural response: when something’s free you either believe that it’s an inferior product or that its a marketing trick. So which approach are we using? The answer is neither.

I work in the Customer Care team here at PaperCut and I can say that one of our key drivers for our day-to-day business is doing what’s right for the customer.

In fact, let me share our vision:

Customer Care creates memorable moments through passionate advocates”

This statement, while being the vision of the customer care team, flows through the whole organisation. We’re all about our customers and sharing our passion.

Reason 1 - giving back

Mobility Print is an opportunity for PaperCut to give something back to the world. While this may sound cheesy, we really are passionate about enabling printing and more importantly solving printing problems for everyone.

With Google Cloud Print being deprecated, this leaves a gap in the market - a gap that we know we can fill because we already have the functionality available to use. It’s part of our existing software solutions and therefore we know it works and it works well. We took a very successful feature from PaperCut MF, grabbed all the best bits, and packaged it into a usable format for all our customers and potential customers to enjoy.

Reason 2 - we like making new friends

That last point above? Potential customers? We love them! And yes, that’s a big reason we’re giving Mobility Print away.

I really hope that when you try our free product you’ll absolutely love it. You also get a chance to experience our world class service from me or one my friends!

We’re so confident that once you’ve experienced Mobility Print, you’ll want to investigate our other products. If you don’t that’s ok, too - you can use what you need for free and still be supported. That’s just how we roll!

Reason 3 - spreading the PaperCut name

Let’s not forget brand awareness as a side effect. So yes, our primary driver is altruistic  but we want you to love us and remember us, too! Remember those memorable moments in our vision?

Reason 4 - we learn from you

We also place a lot of emphasis on customer opinions and feedback, and that also includes customers who have our free product. We really want to hear what your experience is so that we can better ourselves and make sure we’re offering something of value. We want to bring your story to PaperCut, too.

So go ahead and download it, speak to our world class customer service and support teams, and let us help you in the way we know best. Memorably!

Get Mobility Print for free


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