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When PaperCut sends you a cherry tree


I’m Alan Morris with the PaperCut Technical Support team, here to tell you a story.

Unfortunately, the place to start is with the sad news that my 89-year-old father recently passed away.  He had a good long run (natural causes) 89 is okay.

Most of the folks with the US PaperCut team know I am an avid gardener and host a gazpacho lunch in the fall prepared with abundant produce from my garden.  When my father passed away, the gift of a tree, well something to plant, nurture, and grow, made perfect sense.

When a gift comes from PaperCut, the reason could be diverse, gifts come for grand and happy occasions too, the gift comes with thoughtfulness.  It is generally not some standard gift that is given for reason X and everyone gets that gift.  That is not PaperCut.

Now for the rest of the story.

Why does Alan like gardening?  Why are tomatoes, cucumbers, and other homegrown produce a necessity for this guy?

All that was learned from my father. Sure, I can purchase from a farmers’ market and get some exceptional produce but taking a morning wander in my garden to pick tomatoes and cucumbers to share with co-workers, for me, is a true pleasure.

My father was an educator for thirty years, but he did not host a “gardening “ class to teach me how to cultivate a wonderful harvest, that came from example.

When growing up, summers included plenty of fresh produce nurtured in a large backyard garden.  The flavor from freshly picked items normally exceeds that from other sources.

Talking to one of my uncles about my father, he stated, the first thing that always popped into his head when he thinks of my dad was the big garden.

After retiring my father volunteered with, the Master Gardener group. At that point, as a retired educator, it gave him an outlet to present useful information to a listening audience.

As it became more difficult for my father to prepare the soil, I would gladly rototill my father’s garden in the spring and again in the fall.  The tiller was a bit more than he could handle but he still liked raising vegetables each year.

The family I have with PaperCut is special in many ways

Sending me a cherry tree when my father passed away has many important factors.

I will think of my father as this tree grows.  I will think of my father when I look out the window and see this tree.  I will think of my father, then go look at the tree.  This tree will last longer than a card or a bouquet.  The memories I have of my father will last for many years.  This tree will be a reminder and will make thoughts of my father as easy as looking outside.

When PaperCut sends you a “cherry tree”, somebody thought and planned and executed, it is important to know that you work with people who can take pause and make sure the proper step is taken.

Well, that is my story.  It’s not a mystery or an adventure but it’s honest and truthful and I needed to let other PaperCutters know how impactful this gift has been.

In loving memory of Hollis Morris 1931 - 2021

All trees start small


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