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What we look for when we hire engineers

This post is a deep dive into a recent job ad we posted for the role of head of engineering .

Stay with me, there’s a reason I’m writing this!

When I read it, I realized it’s a mighty fine insight into life at PaperCut. Here’s why…

When you read between the lines, there are four key requirements to become head of engineering at PaperCut. And two things jumped out at me when I read it:

  1. they’re not necessarily what you’d expect

  2. they describe the PaperCut attitude to a T.


A people person

You’d think being super smart at engineering and tech would be at the top of the needs list for this role, right? Well, yes. But not just that. At PaperCut, we’re about the people. Whether it’s our millions of users, our thousands of partners, or our 60+ PaperCut engineers.

Making people awesomer (did I just make that up?) is top of the PaperCut tree. We’ve got a bunch of super smart technologists working here, and PaperCut’s mighty keen to unlock every individual’s potential.

You see, it’s one thing to be smart, it’s quite another to feel wanted and happy and fulfilled. That’s what this role is focused on achieving.

And it’s what PaperCut leaders spend a bunch of their time focusing on: “How do I unlock the team’s potential, both professionally and as humans?”

A sustainability superstar

This role explicitly calls out the need to be passionate about sustainability.

So many PaperCutters have said through their hiring experience and beyond that they want to work at PaperCut to help have a positive impact on the environment. It’s in our name, after all!

Some of our PaperCutters including Jess and Julie G have even set PaperCut on the path towards becoming B Corp certified. Plus, we’re about to launch a sustainability program that helps workplaces achieve Forest Positive printing.

Sustainability isn’t just in our DNA, it IS our DNA.

Strong SaaS skillset

PaperCut is transitioning towards a Software as a Service (SaaS) mindset. SaaS isn’t anything new for a workplace’s technology stack, but it is for the print management industry.

And while we see no end to the success and innovative development we put into our on-premises solution (and market leader) PaperCut MF, you would be primarily focused on our next generation printing solution, PaperCut Hive.

And this is life at PaperCut right now, we’re all transitioning to a new SaaS mindset. In fact, we’re all a bunch of technology nerds and geeks (shoutout to old-school PaperCutter Alec the Geek ).

A change champion

Something I admire about PaperCut beyond all is our ‘give it a go’ culture. We’re encouraged to test and learn, try new ways, think outside the box, and every other similar idiom that comes to mind.

Same with this role; we’re looking for someone to put their own stamp on the way we work, not necessarily parachute in and merge into our existing ways of working. That’s ‘The PaperCut Way’ in a nutshell: bring your ideas and we’ll listen and learn from you.

Anyway, those are my thoughts triggered by our new head of engineering job ad. Inspiration for this blog comes from the oddest places sometimes!

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