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Simple BYOD printing … whatever your print environment

The use of BYOD (‘Bring Your Own Device’ for those new to the term) in business means employees want to print from a mixture of iOS, Windows, macOS, Android and Chrome devices. System administrators know that this can be a nightmare because of the time, resources and technical knowledge needed to support all these devices.

Sound familiar??

You’re not alone… so we wondered how much easier life would be if you could simply set up printing for all of your users no matter which weird laptop, smartphone, tablet or (heaven forbid) Blackberry they choose. And that’s why we launched Mobility Print earlier this year.

PaperCut’s Mobility Print was developed to make BYOD super-simple to set up, manage and to use.

For your users, Mobility Print gives them a straightforward way to set up printing from their device (yes, any device…) without the need for IT assistance. (You’re welcome!)

For you, Mobility Print means you can offer printing services to your users across a wide range of printer and copier brands.

BYOD for Windows, Mac and Linux

And now, Mobility Print also supports Mac servers and Linux servers, on top of our existing Windows server support. So you now have the freedom to easily change your BYOD print environment without having to spend days getting things up and running all over again. (Hope this helps too!)

Since releasing Mobility Print, feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. IT folk and end users alike have remarked how the software “just works”, so IT can now move on to the next catastrophically urgent task. Yay.

By the way, Mobility Print is a core feature of both PaperCut NG and PaperCut MF. That means we don’t charge extra for this functionality, nor require you to sign up to a cloud service. It’s all locally hosted, in your control, in your network and available to your organization today.

Find out more about Mobility Print or if you’re not yet a PaperCut customer, get started today !

P.S. And I almost forgot. We don’t really support Blackberry printing. Sorry!


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