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Pride at PaperCut

And just like that, Pride month is over for another year! Pride Month runs throughout June to commemorate the Stonewall Riots which took place in June 1969 and to highlight the impact that LGBTQI+ communities have had on society across the world.

Here at PaperCut, we reflected and celebrated Pride in style in the final week of June.

Why PaperCut cares about Pride

At PaperCut, we celebrate diversity and are proud to be an all-inclusive workplace. Our PaperCut community is widespread and so we strive to be an inclusive solution, partner and product for all regardless of gender, sexual preference, race, age, disability or any other characteristic you identify with. We encourage everyone to bring their whole selves to work, and stand in solidarity in creating an environment where everyone is accepted.

What did PaperCut do to celebrate Pride

We celebrated Pride across our offices in the last week of June. Here’s a snapshot of what our week in the UK office looked like:

Monday - The team hosted a Pride Kick Off breakfast and history lesson around the origins of Pride and why it’s important that we recognise and continue to celebrate it.

Wednesday - We held a fundraiser for the Stonewall Initiative charity. Each donation scored a slice of our colourful home-made Unicorn cake baked by one of our super talented PaperCutters.

Thursday - Pizza and Pride Chat was our event today, in which our PaperCutters gathered together to share stories around what Pride means to them.

Friday - Our office transformed as we held our very own Pride Parade! PaperCutters were encouraged to wear their brightest colours and participate in afternoon games to celebrate the end of Pride month.

What can I do to celebrate Pride?

Pride month may be over, but the celebrations are by no means finished! There are a number of Pride celebrations happening across the globe over the coming weeks in July including London, Budapest, Munich, San Diego and Vancouver.

The Stonewall Initiative charity work across the year on supporting global acceptance of LGBTQI+ communities through awareness campaigns, educational programming, fundraising and candid public dialogue. To see how you can contribute to the great work that they do, check out their website .


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