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PaperCut wins at the 2020 Print IT Awards

The illustrious PrintIT Reseller Magazine hosted its first annual Print IT Awards ceremony on Thursday 11 February.

Dozens upon dozens of print industry movers and shakers tuned in via an exclusive live stream to see who would win the various categories.

What are the Print IT Awards?

Launched this year, the PrintIT Reseller Awards is the first dedicated award program of its kind for the UK print/MFP industry and covers all aspects of the business.

_“Up until now, there hasn’t been an awards event for the print and MFP marketplace. With Print IT Reseller magazine we’ve got the perfect vehicle to deliver an awards event - working with manufacturers, vendors, and distributors in the marketplace.

“This industry deserves and needs its own night to celebrate the best practice and the people in it.”
- James Goulding, Editorial Director, Print IT Reseller

What did PaperCut win?

PaperCut was shortlisted for two awards - PrintIT Award for Sustainability and PrintIT Award for Mobility .

We’re delighted to report that we won the Sustainability Award! We also received a Highly Commended nod in the Mobility category.

Sponsored by Toshiba, the Sustainability Award recognizes distinguished approaches to sustainability and responsible business practices.

_“I’m so excited to win this award and all of us are really proud at PaperCut about what part we play in creating a sustainable environment.”

“A big thank you to all our PaperCut team for all your hard work that enables us to make such a positive impact.

“Big thank you also to our partner community around the globe for making this possible.”_

- Steve Holmes, PaperCut EMEA Regional Director

PaperCut was praised by the judges for its holistic efforts across our staff, customers, and local communities. Specifically noted were our initiatives educating employees on sustainability practices - which are part of our onboarding processes. We also received top marks for our management teams’ support in implementing sustainability efforts company-wide.

“Sustainability holds a special place for all PaperCutters.“Our company was initially founded 21 years ago on the need to eliminate waste. Not only have we been championing thoughtful printing ever since, but our environmental mission is one of our core values and is the reason many a PaperCutter joins our organization.“2020 saw us launch some key sustainability initiatives including our support of Carbon Positive Australia , which plants a tree for every PaperCut license we sell.

_“More recently, we’ve made some giant leaps towards some big environmental initiatives this year. To also win this category in the first awards event for the UK Print/MFP industry is a wonderful achievement and a great way to start 2021.

“Thank you to PrintIT Reseller Magazine and the judges, and congratulations to our fellow shortlisted nominees.”
- Chris Dance, PaperCut Co-founder & CEO

It’s not all about winning awards

We’re print geeks dedicated to sustainability and thoughtful printing with or without the accolades.

But it sure does feel nice to receive this level of acknowledgment from industry professionals and peers - especially on the heels of what was such a challenging year for everyone around the globe.

We’d like to thank the entire PaperCut community for sharing our sustainability mission.

And of course a big thank you to PrintIT Resellers Magazine and the Print IT Awards judges for recognizing our drive for sustainability with this award.


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