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PaperCut presents the 2021 Sysadmin of the Year award

Every year here at PaperCut we like to do something special to celebrate System Administrator Appreciation Day on July 30.

It’s no secret we love sysadmins at PaperCut. Our CEO was once a sysadmin, so were many of our support engineers and product developers.

The sysadmin has long been the unsung IT hero of many a workplace:

  • Making sure you’ve turned it off and on again
  • Finding your CTRL + ALT + DEL buttons
  • Juggling all the IT balls that get thrown in the air

IT teams have always performed incredibly valuable work from behind the scenes. That’s been doubly the case during the Covid-19 pandemic. Sysadmins have shown up every day all over the globe, supporting schools and businesses during lockdown. Without them enabling hybrid and remote working, all of life would have ground to a halt.

To celebrate all the mighty work system administrators do, we wanted to do something extra special for Sysadmin Day 2021…

Presenting the ‘Sysadmin of the Year’ award!

We’re giving one lucky sysadmin the chance to be crowned the first recipient of the ‘Sysadmin of the Year’ award!

What do you win?

  • The (now) coveted golden keyboard trophy
  • A brand new Razer Blade gaming laptop - valued at $4,499 AUD (RRP)

That’s just the grand prize! All nominees can also enter the weekly draw to win 1 in 40 limited edition PaperCut Sysadmin Day t-shirts.

How do you enter?

First off, don’t worry, nominators and nominees don’t need to have purchased or even be using PaperCut Software to win. That’s not what we’re in it for.

All you have to do is nominate a sysadmin and provide one example of a time where they were caring, honest, intelligent, or nimble, (hey, what do you know, those are our company values!)

To nominate a sysadmin (or yourself, yes that’s allowed), anybody from your workplace just needs to fill out a form here .

When do you enter?

Applications open 1 July and close 23 July - with the t-shirt winners drawn every week - so keep your eyes peeled on our socials for when we announce each one.

The grand winner will be announced via a live YouTube premiere on Sysadmin Day - 30 July.

Enter now!

For all the details check out our full terms and conditions .

May the best sysadmin win - and may a bunch of you get some free t-shirts!

Enter now


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