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Over the river and through the woods to PaperCut

Don Jacobson - US Support team at PaperCut

Hi, my name is Don. I am a new employee working in PaperCut’s Support team in the US office in Portland, Oregan, serving the US time zones from GMT-5 (NY) to GMT-8 (CA) from 08:00 to 17:00, Monday – Friday.

During our overlapping operational hours, the US Support team are in constant touch with the Australian team at the PaperCut office in Melbourne. Although we make extensive use of Skype for calling and messaging from person to person, our most innovative method of communication is the PaperCut Portal .

Portal communication between Australia and North America at PaperCut

During the support ticket review each day, our US and Australian teams brainstorm together on how to respond to client issues. Not only does the Portal easily facilitate this group discussion between our team members but it is a great way to cultivate and maintain personal relationships with our remote peers.

By just walking up to the monitor, the Portal really does make cross-continental exchanges as easy as chatting to someone in the office!

I have moved over to PaperCut from my previous position at Yahoo’s Small Business centre and what first caught my interest, much to my liking, was PaperCut’s culture of coffee aficionados . There is even an internal Policy document about coffee!

However during my first few weeks of work, the thing I have come to like best about PaperCut is our focus on “quality of life”. We are a hard working team of professionals but at the same time, we are a bunch of like-minded people enjoying a great degree of flexibility and freedom in our daily jobs. I’m glad to have found a working environment where we trust each other’s judgment and are encouraged to be ourselves.

St John’s Bridge, Portland, OR

When I began working at PaperCut, I commuted to the Portland office from Vancouver, Washington, crossing three counties and two states. My alternative route across the St. Johns Bridge and through the Tualatin Mountains was truly an “over the river and through the woods” adventure! It was quite a sight to watch the sword ferns, maple and pine trees while driving home each day.

I’m enjoying my newfound career at PaperCut, my peers and the PaperCut “quality of life” more than any other previous employment, and I look forward to the next hand wave and conversation with the Melbourne team via the Portal.


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