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New in 19.1.3: Canon rebuilt from the ground up

Canon users, rejoice! PaperCut MF now includes scanning for Canon (or “Scannin’ for Canon” as we like to refer to it). Not only that, there’s a brand new embedded look and feel, and it’s 100 times nicer and easier to use than before. Maybe even 1,000 times nicer!

Released in September, PaperCut MF version 19.1.3 includes the new Canon features as well as the exciting Print Deploy - the cure-all for your print queue deployment blues.

Back to Canon, though – this release ensures a consistent and easy experience across multiple brands and models, now including Canon MEAP multi-function Gen III devices.

Here’s a quick overview of what’s inside the release for Canon fans.

It looks amazing on the device

Looks aren’t everything except when it comes to a side-by-side of the old Canon interface and the new Canon interface. Seriously, they’re worlds apart.

Then …

This was the login experience back in the old days pre-September 2019 …

And this was print release back then as well

And now …

This is logging in now!

And this is print release now … (much better)

Make last minute changes to print jobs at the MFD

Whether it’s converting print jobs to black and white or reducing the number of copies you print, it can all be done quickly, without having to go back to your desk. Here are the options on offer:

  • Changing the number of pages to print
  • Choosing black and white vs color
  • Opting for double-sided vs single-sided
  • Reviewing the cost of the print job
  • Checking account balances

Charge print jobs from mobiles, right at the MFD

Meanwhile, when using Mobility Print, users can now print and charge to an account or client in one easy process.

Selecting accounts at the MFD will make life so much easier for mobile workforces and admins managing these environments.

The fancy looking account selection at the device experience

Scan to your heart’s content!

We know you’ve been waiting for this: you can now scan to an email or a folder without authenticating. Best of all, Canon users can now scan to our comprehensive list of cloud storage destinations including Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive and Sharepoint Online.

Text searchable scans with OCR

Scanning is about more than just the file destinations. PaperCut now lets you turn any scan into an editable and searchable document using OCR, either as part of MF Cloud Services or our locally hosted OCR component.

PaperCut MF Cloud Services OCR is included as standard with 19.1.3, and comes with multi-language and multi-region hosting support.

An important licensing note

You’ll need a new MEAP licence specifically for the new PaperCut app for Canon Gen 3 devices.

PaperCut 19.1.3 cannot be used with existing MEAP licences for the legacy PaperCut app for older Canon devices.


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