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Getting to know ... Thomas and Götz, Germany

Sitting comfortably in the list of the world’s top performing GDPs at number four, Germany enjoys the title of Europe’s strongest economy.

So it’s no wonder that PaperCut has set up shop there, hiring Thomas Zirpel (above left) and Götz Weber to look after the booming region.

Thomas is our Partner Alliance Manager - DACH and Götz is our Channel Manager - DACH.  If, like me before researching this story, you weren’t aware of DACH, it’s an acronym for the country codes “D” (Germany), “A” (Austria) and “CH” (Switzerland) - the German-speaking regions of EMEA.

(I hope the powers-that-be considered the more dashing acronym of CHAD, but I guess Chad might’ve has something to say about that.)

I spent some Skype time with Thomas and Götz recently to learn more about them. I wanted to understand the impact they expect to have in the region. I wanted to learn about the initiatives they plan to introduce.

Of course, as tends to happen with conversations like these, we ended up chatting about – among other things – New York, cow riding, and fun times in the office.

Have a listen to the 20 minute interview above to get to know Thomas and Götz.


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