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Fresh from the studio: our Google for Education animation

Tired of hearing about  PaperCut MF’s awesome Google integrations ? I feel ya. We’ve been banging on about them for quite some time now.

But seeing what they’re about in delightful animation form? Surely you’re down for that. Check out what we’ve just wrapped up, and get sharey.

PaperCut MF + Google goodness in 90 seconds

Our new animation gives viewers a snackable slice of content that clearly illustrates the benefits, features, and overall potential unlocked by schools that choose to get PaperCutty.

Everything from super simple Chromebook printing, to hassle-free user syncing directly from a G suite database.

Whether you’re a budding student, seasoned sysadmin, or print management newbie, we want you leaving with one key takeaway:

If you’re using Google for Education devices and tools in your school, you really should be using PaperCut MF 👌


Keen to learn more?  Get the full details on secure LDAP , Google’s excellent G Suite sync and authentication feature.


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