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Bracknell PaperCutters' volunteer day at the beach ‒ not sunbathing!

Here at PaperCut we’re passionate about many things. One of our biggest passions is our evergreen purpose driving for sustainability, supporting our communities, and making a difference. Whether that be through influencing little or big things.

One of the things that make working at PaperCut great, is the volunteering programme they have in place. This provides PaperCutters the opportunity to take time off by helping others. Either for individual or team projects. PaperCutter Art recently wrote about the Portland team’s work with Project SOLVE .

Over here in the UK our Bracknell PaperCutters have participated in lots of different volunteering projects such as bake sales, squat challenges, walkathons, and ugly jumper days. This time we decided to take part in a beach clean-up. Collecting litter on not just one, but two beaches on England’s south coast!

To make it extra special, one of our Melbourne (AUS) based designers, PaperCutter Marie, kitted out the team with custom “Volunteer squad” t-shirts. With all the programmes we’ve done so far, we figured it’d be a great way to express our team spirit. Plus, these new threads are guaranteed to be worn time and time again for future volunteer days.

Two beaches, two teams, one mission

Our volunteer PaperCutters broke off into two teams and tackled one beach at a time.

The first team headed over to Lancing Beach, West Sussex. The weather was good to us ‒ beautiful sunshine, perfect conditions for being outdoors. The team split into two groups, fully loaded with all the equipment to do a good job. Throughout the day we collected a substantial amount of rubbish, some of which was extremely harmful to our environment.

The second team tackled Hove Beach, East Sussex. Again, fully equipped with all the essentials needed to help tidy up. The team set off together and also collected multiple bags of rubbish.

The real heroes: lending moral su-pawt

Keeping the planet and PaperCutters healthy

It’s amazing what gets left or washed up on our beaches. It’s safe to say that both Lancing Beach and Hove Beach are even better places to visit after our efforts.

We won’t lie, it wasn’t just about helping to make our beaches clean and tidy. We also saw it as an opportunity to look after our mental health. Take a day away from the desk. Breathe in the fresh air. Reconnect with our fellow PaperCutters. Have a giggle and enjoy time together as a team, away from the office.

We’re very proud to have taken the time out and given back a little to our environment.

The team is looking forward to throwing on our new t-shirts for our next volunteering adventure, (we won’t be outdone by our Portland PaperCutters) so watch this space!


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