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A picture is worth ... 300k lines of code?

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. In this case it’s worth 300,000 lines of source code! One of the questions we regularly get is, “Is PaperCut under active development? We need to ensure that the system we’re investing is moving with the times.” This is a valid question and a very important consideration for any software application that’s going to form an import part of your infrastructure. Most of our innovative development is focused on PaperCut NG and the product’s release history is a good testament to the rate of development.

Another measure of pace of evolution can be seen in the graph below.

PaperCut NG Lines of Code This graph was produce by statsvn using statistics from our source code management system. It only includes source code from PaperCut NG (excludes PaperCut Quota or PaperCut Charge), but it does clearly demonstrate a rapid upwards trend with no signs of slowing!


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