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A new era for PaperCut

PaperCut is undergoing a make over. Not only are we reworking the code base for version 5, we’re also changing/evolving the way we interact with our end-users and customers. This Weblog is part of this change; a change towards transparency; adding a human face to our website.

PaperCut developers will now maintain a Weblog or Blog . We hope this will help our users get to know us on a personal level, make us more approachable, and allow our customers to follow our progress in real time.

All software applications are under constant evolution and can never be considered “perfect”. They contain bugs, design deficiencies, or lack features in some way shape or form. Unfortunately for software developers, it’s often the end-users that know more about these issues than the developer. The key to the problem is communication - to tap your end-user’s knowledge. I can class feature enhancements requests sent to PaperCut into two classes:

  1. Users you don’t know, think you’re a big company, and think they’ll be lucky to receive a reply or have the email read.
  2. Users you know personally or have had correspondence with in the past.

The first group send emails along the lines of “Dear Sir, This feature sucks� fix it.”. The second group send something like “Hi Chris, I have a great idea for a new feature� it goes like this� if you need a beta tester or would like any further input please just email.”. I hope our Weblogs help generate more emails like the second.


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