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Staying up to date

(This is an older news post that has been migrated into the blog)

PaperCut version 10.3 is out the door. How did you find out about it?

There are many ways to keep informed about new PaperCut released. Aside from checking , checking the download page and checking the About tab in PaperCut, you can also subscribe to the release feeds. These feeds are updated whenever we release a new version of PaperCut. You can find them on the download pages for PaperCut NG and PaperCut ChargeBack .

If you’re wondering what a feed is or how to use one, try:

  • Google Reader , the online feed reader for anyone with a Google account (and other online feed readers like Bloglines ).
  • The “live bookmarks” feature in Mozilla Firefox (and similar features in other browsers), which will display the feed updates alongside your bookmarks.
  • The feed readers built into most modern email clients.
  • Feed-to-email services, which will convert feed updates into emails (if you don’t want to use a feed reader).

Nearly everyone here at PaperCut makes use of Google Reader to keep up to date with everything from news to blogs to social network updates… and our own releases, in case we forgot :)

While we’re on the topic of communication, we’ve also just added a new mailing list for announcements . This is a read-only list (so you only get emails from us here at PaperCut) for information concerning PaperCut administrators. If you added your email to the technical contact field when ordering PaperCut then you’re already subscribed. A discussion mailing list is on the way.


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