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Exceeding the license limit (user count exceeded)

Q What happens when/if I exceed my license limit?

PaperCut is licensed on the number of user accounts hosted in the PaperCut database - that is the number of users listed in the user-list under the Users section. If this limit is exceeded the system will:

i) Give you over one months warning granting you lots of time to reduce the count if possible. The warning message will display on every admin login during this period. You can also set up the application to automatically email you if/when the license is exceeded. See the Options → Notifications section.
ii) After the warning time is up, and if the user count has not been reduced, the system will prevent selected administration tasks. Printing and tracking will however continue as normal and you will not lose any data. The reduced functionality will however require you to secure an increased license or reduce your user count. You’ll be able to access the Options → User/Group Sync section to modify user sync settings.

Q I have exceeded my license. How can I address this?

If PaperCut detects that you have exceeded your license, the software:

For 5 users free license: will request a registration key and prevent use.
For other licenses: will warn that an additional license is required and needs to be entered within the next 40-days.
The options available are:
Option 1) Add Users to your license using our online order system, or you can contact our sales team for more information.
Option 2) Reduce the number of users listed in the system.

Reducing the number of user accounts in PaperCut

Method 1) PaperCut works by “mirroring” the user list in your network domain. Delete inactive or unused user accounts from your sync source, then perform a sync with the “delete users” option enabled. After removing the accounts from your sync source, perform a Synchronize Now via Options→User/Group sync. Make sure you select the option Delete users that do not exist in the selected source before performing the sync. PaperCut also has the option to not import disabled Active Directory users.
Method 2) Some accounts may not be used by real users. They may exist for other reasons such as:
  • Used by special applications such as databases or web servers
  • “Template” accounts used by system administrators
  • “Virtual” accounts used to represent “resources” in applications such as Microsoft Outlook.
In this situation we recommend using Import users from selected groups to import only the groups that you need.
Method 3) If you have a list of users that can’t be removed from the system, it is possible to remove these users in PaperCut NG / ChargeBack using a script utilizing server-command. Here is an example Windows batch file:
file: delete-old-users.bat
cd c:\Program Files\PaperCut NG\server\bin\win
server-command delete-existing-user chris
server-command delete-existing-user matt
server-command delete-existing-user tom
server-command delete-existing-user christine
This script based approach is useful in a higher-education environment as often deleting the user account from the domain is difficult or maybe against policy. Note that this script has to be run not just once, but again after each sync (e.g. after automated overnight sync) as sync adds all the deleted users from the directory again. It is therefore only an interim solution until the physical account can be removed.

Q What if I can’t reduce the number of users in my Sync Source?

If for technical reasons, the number of users can not be reduced using option 2, you may Apply for a License Exception. Organization’s who are issued an exception must agree to run a report once a year to verify that the active user count remains below the license limit. Active user count is defined as the number of users that print at least once a year.

Q Is there any technical limit on the number of users?

PaperCut has no design limit. The maximum number of users is a function of hardware and system capacity - a constantly moving target as computers get faster. Our largest customer has over 350,000 users in the database.

Q What if I am in a small office and have 5 users or less printing?

If you are in a small office and only have five users or less printing you can follow these steps:

1. Open a command prompt.
2. Change to the PaperCut directory using cd c:\Program Files\PaperCut NG\server\bin\win
3. Type server-command delete-existing-user <username>
4. Repeat as necessary.

Then on the PaperCut administration console, on the Options tab, under User/group Sync, un-check the check box from Import new users and update details overnight. This will stop PaperCut from re-importing the accounts you just deleted, so you will only need to delete the accounts once. If you need to add new users at a later time you will want to manually add new users on the Users Tab of the Admin console.

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