Excess printing incurs huge costs on educational/academic institutions in both hidden and explicit ways. Are you looking for ways to cut back? Over 20,000 K-12 schools, colleges and universities worldwide use PaperCut NG to control costs.

The education IT environment is unique. User turnover is high and networks are dynamic. From its first release ten years ago, PaperCut has always been designed by education network administrators specifically for the education environment.

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Key features for education at a glance:

  • Control student print quota, or charge for printing.
  • Track and budget staff printing by faculty or department.
  • Simple installation - starts working immediately.
  • Directory integration with automatic user account creation.
  • Simple web-based administration for office staff.
  • Automatic scheduling of credit/quotas.
  • Solutions for managing wireless laptop printing.
  • Runs on Windows, Mac, Linux and Novell, making PaperCut the most flexible and integrated management solution available.
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PaperCut itself has been great, easy to use/install and for the tiny issues (at fault of my own) that I've had, the support calls get answered very quickly with very accurate information that has yet to fail me. 10/10 service!

Boris, Point Cook P-9 College, Australia
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Why is PaperCut the ideal solution for education?


PaperCut was developed 10 years ago in conjunction with network technicians and staff from a number of education establishments. Many of the current team have backgrounds in education sites and know the challenges involved in managing students (and staff)! We now also target the business market, however education remains our primary focus.


Our education customers play a big part in current development. All new features are defined, prioritized and ranked by all customers via a voting process. Some recent features we have developed specifically for education include Web Print, a printing solution for student owned laptops and faculty/department level charging.


PaperCut includes a wealth of functionality for tracking and controlling printing. Many sites start with simple goals and will leverage the more advanced features as time goes on. Some features regularly used by education sites include:


PaperCut has been in production use on networks with many thousands of users for over 10 years. It has proven scalability and stability. Clustering support has taken this one level further. The largest PaperCut NG site (Miami Dade College, FL, USA) has over 350,000+ users in their network!


Infrastructure applications can be costly. PaperCut's price and licensing model is structured so that our printer counter system is available to all organizations. We are an engineering driven organization, and have low marketing overheads. We have and will always sell directly to academic sites via our website, so you avoid the margins associated with retail, marketing and reseller chains.

Per-user licensing ensures multiple server networks are not penalized for their existing structure. There are no mandatory yearly contracts or fees.

By reducing paper and toner usage, PaperCut NG usually pays for itself in a few months. See how much you can save with our online Return on Investment (ROI) calculator.


We try to make PaperCut's printer control features simple to use, yet provide the power needed for flexible administration. PaperCut is renowned for its straightforward installation and easy-to-use interface. Some highlights include:

As software developers we're big believers in the idea that simplicity and power are not mutually exclusive. PaperCut provides for the simplicity of a straightforward printer log as well as retaining a set of features that will satisfy even the most technical system administrator.

User Base

Join the tens of thousands of schools, colleges and universities world-wide using PaperCut. See what others have to say on our testimonials page.

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