Free & Open Source Software at PaperCut™

PaperCut Software offers a number of free software options as well as a program to encourage the adoption of PaperCut in developing countries.

PaperCut Print Logger™

PaperCut Print Logger™ is a free program designed to log print activity on either servers or desktop systems. It's ideal for organizations that wish to silently track or audit printing activity. Logs are available in a friendly HTML format or in an Excel format to facilitate further data analysis. (more...)

PaperCut™ - 5 users free

A free version of PaperCut NG is made available for small offices and home users. The 5 users free license is included with the standard trial software download. If the system detects that your network/system has 5 users or less, you may continue to use the software after the 40-day trial - no license purchase is required.


emailSTRIPPER is a free program for cleaning the ">" and other formatting characters out of your emails. It will restore "forwarded" or "replied" emails back to their original state so they're easier to read. (more...)

The Developing World License

Academic organizations based in selected developing nations may be eligible for our special licensing program. The aim of the program is to ensure that education based organizations all around the world have the opportunity to benefit from PaperCut and the costs savings associated with implementing quotas at an affordable price. In addition the program aims to encourage copyright conformance in the developing world by encouraging the official licensing of commercial software. The following two categories are available:

  • Option 1 - Self Funding License for Schools

    PaperCut Software will issue the organization with a free 12-month license. This will allow the organization to install the software and start saving immediately on printing costs. The savings help fund the purchase and at the end of the 12-months, the organization may purchase an indefinite license for the cost of an upgrade - this is effectively a 70% discount on standard price.

  • Option 2 - Sponsorship Program

    We realize that many organizations in developing countries have trouble purchasing software due to their country's restrictions on foreign currency exchange/export. Our sponsorship program involves linking up organizations in developing countries with universities, schools and colleges in developed countries. The school in the developed country sponsors the purchases of an official license at discounted annual price. PaperCut Software has an enthusiastic and loyal customer base and a number of organizations in the USA, Europe and Australia have sponsored organizations in developing countries. We'll do our best to match up sponsorship arrangements.

We decide eligibility on a number of criteria. If you feel you are eligible for our developing world license, please contact our head office for further information. Information such as a website, photos and any other material to get a feel for the applicant organization is very helpful.

Supported Open Source & Free Software Projects

At PaperCut we advocate the benefits of Open Source projects and aim to be an active part of the open source community. Some of the projects PaperCut's developers have taken a lead role in include:

Ghost Trap

Ghost Trap is used to securely convert PostScript and PDF files from untrusted sources into images. It's a modified distribution of the GPL Ghostscript PDL interpreter secured and sandboxed using Google Chrome's sandbox technology. The objective of the project is to bring best-of-breed security to Ghostscript's command-line conversion applications on MS Windows.

jQuery Plugin: Are You Sure?

The Are-You-Sure jQuery Plugin is a simple light-weight "dirty forms" plugin for modern browsers. It helps prevent users from losing unsaved changes on HTML forms.


Retaliation is a Jenkins CI build monitor that automatically coordinates a foam missile counter-attack against the developer who "breaks the build". It does this by playing a pre-programmed control sequence to a USB Foam Missile Launcher to target the offending code monkey.


Htmleasy is a simple, elegant HTML based Java MVC micro-framework that builds on Resteasy (JAX-RS). It provides simple tools for rendering data objects as HTML views and managing basic pageflow.


Silken is the easiest way to drop in Google Closure Templates into your Java web application. Silken encourages convention over configuration, and promotes a set standard structure for template management.

I have always been fond of your product since we first introduced it a year ago. I've recommended your product whenever the opportunity arose. 'Getting under the hood' and really figuring out how PaperCut works has impressed me even further. PaperCut is incredibly well thought out and well engineered, as demonstrated by the ease at which it can be clustered on a Novell iPrint environment. Too often I find "Third party" products seem to feel that they were cobbled together without much care or attention. This is not the case with PaperCut.

Richard, City College Brighton and Hove - UK
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