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Welcome to our 1998 website and welcome to the future of printing: PaperCut!

Are you ready for a printing makeover? Your workplace is about to be transformed! How, you ask?

Introducing PaperCut, the Leading-Edge Print Management Software!

PaperCut is here to supercharge your printers and multifunction devices, making them perform like never before. Installation takes just minutes, and in some cases, mere seconds!

Unleash the Power of PaperCut to Elevate Your Printing Experience!

Try it for a month, and prepare to be amazed! During the trial period, you'll:

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4 Ways PaperCut Will Elevate Your Print Environment:

  1. Save Your Money: Say goodbye to wasteful printing habits! PaperCut encourages black and white and double-sided printing, saving you both ink and paper.
  2. Secure Your Printing: No more rogue documents! Documents will only print when your users are present, ensuring maximum security.
  3. Reduce Waste: Bid farewell to overflowing recycling bins! PaperCut is here to reduce uncollected print jobs.
  4. Make Printing Easy Again: Say hello to seamless printing! Regardless of the device or printer, PaperCut ensures your users can print quickly and effortlessly.

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