Konica Minolta Onboard

PaperCut MF provides integration with Konica Minolta MFDs, enabling the tracking, charging or billing of "off the glass" copying. The goal of PaperCut Software's embedded MFD solution is to leverage the capabilities of Konica Minolta devices to provide walk-up copier users with the same set of rich application features provided in the print control area. These include:

  • End user authentication including integration with single sign-on environments such as Active Directory, Open Directory, eDirectory, LDAP and others
  • Optional proximity card swipe authentication (via USB readers)
  • Group-based access control to the device and color copying
  • Monitoring and control of photocopying, scanning and faxing (quotas, charging, allocation and logging)
  • Allocation of copying, scanning and faxing to accounts/departments/cost-centers/projects
  • Users may self-associate cards with their domain accounts directly at the device
  • Releasing jobs from a hold/release queue (secure printing)


The Konica Minolta embedded solution is developed in-house by the PaperCut Software development team. This ensures that the copier interface is consistent with the workstation print interface, meaning users only have to learn one system and one set of terminology.

Selecting an account using the PaperCut standard client popup
Charging to a shared account while printing from a workstation
Selecting an account using the PaperCut Konica Minolta embedded application
Charging to a shared account while copying


PaperCut is a single integrated solution where print and copier control are all managed in the one system. Users have a single account and administrators have the same level of reporting and administration for all services. The embedded solution interacts with the PaperCut server using a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and web services based protocols.

Using a Konica Minolta MFD for print release
Releasing a print job from a Konica Minolta MFD

rate of development

PaperCut is developed under a release-often policy where new features are made available to users as soon as they are complete. Unlike hardware based solutions, new versions can be delivered to users regularly as software updates.

vendor neutrality

PaperCut remains true to its vendor neutral stance. All embedded solutions are equal and support all server OS's including Windows, Linux and Mac.


A large percentage of PaperCut's user base is in education environments where security is important. All embedded solutions are developed with security in mind. Where security objectives can't be satisfied, any deficiencies are fully disclosed.

integrated authentication

  • Leverage your existing single sign-on infrastructure by allowing users to log in with the same username and password used elsewhere on the network. No need to remember and maintain multiple logins!
  • Integrate with existing single sign-on environments such as:
    • Microsoft Active Directory
    • Apple Open Directory
    • Novell eDirectory
    • Other LDAP, NIS or POSIX environments
  • Optionally authenticate using convenient ID numbers and optional PINs for extra security
PaperCut Konica Minolta MFD login screen
Authenticating with a username and password at a Konica Minolta MFD

find-me printing integration

  • Also known as "Follow Me" or "Pull Printing", Find Me printing provides users in environments with several identical multi-function devices to print to a single virtual global queue. They can then walk up and log on to a device nearby available device and have their print job pulled from the global queue and printed on the spot.
  • More on Find Me printing in our PaperCut NG tour.

track and control copying

  • Charge different types of copying at different rates
  • All usage reported in the PaperCut logs
  • Optionally limit amount of copying users can perform

track faxing and scanning

  • Track scanning to e-mail or to a file
  • Track sending faxes
  • Simple per-page cost model or 2-tiered cost model for volume discounts
  • All usage reported in the PaperCut logs
  • Filter job logs to display just copy, fax or scan jobs

seamless user experience

  • Provide users with the same account selection options they use for printing via the popup
  • If shared account access is granted, users have the option to select accounts from a list or using a PIN
  • Control access to accounts using Active Directory groups

consolidated reporting and management

Consolidated management and reporting in either summary or detailed formats are readily available at the click of a button for all copies and prints across your entire fleet:

  • By device (printers & copiers)
  • By user
  • By shared account (client, department, faculty)
  • By location
  • By date and time / period
  • By environmental impact
Print log and report

For more information about reporting see the Reporting tour section.


PaperCut's embedded solutions work together with the PaperCut server software. This means that you benefit from a choice of server operating system (Windows, Linux, Mac, and Novell) and all management is conducted from one single location. There are no hidden extras such as external dependencies or database licensing.

supported devices

PaperCut integration has been developed for many Konica Minolta multifunctional device models supporting OpenAPI 2.3.1 onwards, although OpenAPI 3.1 or later is recommended. There are PaperCut integrations for both the standard MFD user interface and the web MFD user interface.

Supported devices include, but not limited to are:

  • Bizhub C35, 36, 42 C203, C220, 223, 224e, C224e, C253, C258, C280, 283, 284e, C284e, C308, C353, C360, 361, 363, C364e, 364e, C368, C380, C3850, C3350, 421, 423, C451, C452, 454e, 4750, 4050, C500, 501, 554e, C554e, C550, C552, C552DS, 552, 601, C650, C652, C652DS, 652, C654, 654e, 751, C754, C754e, C224, C284, C364, C454 and C554, however some older devices may need a ROM upgrade.
  • Bizhub PRO series devices: In some regions, the Bizhub PRO 951 is supported. Please contact your local Konica Minolta office for information and capability to support within your region.
  • Note: devices must have a hard disk installed. Some models may require an optional hard drive to be installed.

PaperCut makes all attempts to keep the product compatibility information on this website current.

If your device is not on the list above, please contact sales@papercut.com.

We make no warranties, express or implied, with respect to manufacturer's products or the interoperation with the listed PaperCut product(s). We offer 40 day trial versions of PaperCut software to assist you with compatibility testing with your network setup.