PaperCut on Novell OES Linux in action
PaperCut on Novell OES Linux in action

Print quota, accounting, logging and management is now here for Novell Open Enterprise Server (OES) Linux!

PaperCut has long been a cross-platform solution supporting Windows, Mac and Linux/CUPS. Novell iPrint was the one big missing hole in our cross-platform objectives. After a few late nights, a lot of coffee, and some help from Devon and Dean on the iPrint team, we now have PaperCut running on OES Linux.

Latest Update: We're very pleased by the uptake form the Novell community. If you're ever at Brainshare, please come and visit our stand. In recent version releases the Novell iPrint intergration now supports print job watermarking, and full intergration with major MFD brands to support photocopier tracking.

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Please read the quick start guide and the FAQ below before installing. For a quick overview of features, check out the tour.

Where do I get the version of iPrint compatible with PaperCut (the one with the new hooks)?

The current release of iPrint supplied with OES Linux has the required APIs to support PaperCut. We recommend ensuring your system is up-to-date before installing PaperCut.

Does it support Netware?

No. We've decided to focus our development effort on OES Linux to ensure that it's future proof. We also have a lot of experience with Linux development and this approach allowed us to leverage a lot of existing code.

What is the required OS version?

At the current time the recommendation is a recent and fully updated version of Novell OES Linux. Both 64bit and 32bit systems are fully supported.

I am a long-time Novell user and have a suggestion

You're just the person we're looking for! Please email your ideas through to the development team via the support email.

How do I install?

The first place to start is the install instructions for Novell. Please have a quick read before installing.

Is the Novell version a second class citizen when measured against the Windows version?

The Novell OES Linux version is fully featured and will always be on equal footing with other operating systems. It is not a port. The Mac, Linux and Windows versions share around 97% of the same source code and all versions are developed in parallel. The code base is modern (major re-write in 2005) and from the inception of the first line of code, supporting all platforms equally has been a design objective. Novell users can expect the same level of functionality and support and releases will track all other platforms.

Is PaperCut open source?

PaperCut NG is a commercial application with commercial support. It's not open source in relation to it being licensed under the GPL or equivalent. We do however provide our customers with access to the source code and our development process is very open. Check out our release history and blog to get a feel for this.

What does it cost?

This has been a hotly debated topic. Novell is not as popular as other platforms such as those starting with "W" and the cost to deliver a solution with the same feature set is equal, so one could argue that a Novell version should cost more. We have however stuck to our guns and lived up to our promise to support all platforms equally. Just like in terms of features, the price will be the same as that offered to Windows, Mac and Linux users. We hope the Novell community are encouraged by this policy and support it by supporting us.

Does it have an uninstaller?

Yes. The script titled "uninstall" will fully uninstall the application.

What was it like developing the iPrint version of PaperCut?

Personally (and hoping that the Mac and Windows guys never read this page) I think iPrint on OES Linux is the best platform for print queue hosting. Windows has some great stuff in Windows-only networks but on a modern cross-platform network it's quite a fight. Mac Server is quite a long way off all the platforms. CUPS is great and very configurable but unfortunately the options exposed on Mac OS X Server are very limited and this hampers administrators. iPrint is a heavy solution but IMHO is the benchmark in the enterprise space.

How long did the iPrint integration for PaperCut take to develop?

We first started looking at integrating with Novell iPrint queues on OES Linux (the first release) back in mid-2007. At this stage we were in discussions with the iPrint team about the best methods to support 3rd party print accounting applications, and the kind of functionality that would be required to make it possible. Unfortunately the layoffs at Novell it late 2007 delayed the project, and things didn't really get started again until mid-2008. The total development took around 6 months, and like all good software is always under active development moving forward.

How does PaperCut interface with the printers?

PaperCut hooks into the iPrint Print Manager via the new APIs provided by the iPrint Dev Team. This hook is configured at a queue level.

Does PaperCut support eDirectory?

Yes. PaperCut NG has full support for LDAP over SSL and understands standard eDirectory schema. We've also added OES Specific auto detection code so in most cases PaperCut will automatically determine your LDAP configurations.

What about NDPS?

PaperCut is a new application on the Novell platforms. Hence we've decided to only target current technology and will not be targeting NDPS. iPrint is our focus.

I have another question. How do I get in touch with the developers?

Send through an email to support. Chris heads up the Novell development and he'll be more than happy to help with any related questions.

James Madison University offers pay-to-print service to nearly 20,000 students at 35 locations across campus. During 2011, JMU selected the PaperCut MF system to replace an older deprecated product.

We were initially apprehensive about selecting a product with no CS Gold gateway, but after live product trials we decided to contract with PaperCut to produce the new gateway. We also requested several other modifications so the transition from our existing system would appear nearly seamless to our students. The PaperCut developers were attentive, flexible, and met all deadlines.

PaperCut MF and the CS Gold gateway have worked flawlessly since going live . Although PaperCut MF is very capable with a nearly exhaustive menu of canned reports, we have leveraged its cross-platform support, multi-vendor database compatibility, scripting, and open API to easily extend the product's print management and reporting capabilities.

In our experience, PaperCut MF is easy to install, configure, troubleshoot, and maintain. It has thus far proven stable, versatile, and accurate.

Eddie, James Madison University - USA
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