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Forests are better with fairies, and rainbows are better with unicorns. And your printers are better with PaperCut. Here's why...

Printing can be better

Your workplace can be better. From making it cost less to making it more secure. How?

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, the most popular print management software.

PaperCut superpowers your printers and multifunction devices so they work a whole lot better. And it takes just minutes to install, maybe even seconds.

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We're positive PaperCut will improve your printing.

Try it for a month and see. During the trial, you'll:

  • Save on printing costs
  • See where print waste is occurring
  • Fall in love (with PaperCut, not necessarily another human)
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4 ways PaperCut immediately improves your print environment

Save your money

You can automatically encourage black and white printing and double-sided printing, saving ink and paper

Secure your printing

Stop documents from printing automatically. Instead, have them print only when your users are at the printer

Reduce waste

Stop the recycling bin from overflowing with PaperCut. Did you know that 12% of print jobs are uncollected?

Make printing easy again

Get your users printing quickly and easily no matter what device they’re using or what printer they’re printing to

You already know the music sounds better with you.

And now you know your printers are better with PaperCut.

A fun unicorn