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Web Cashier

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The Web Cashier is a simple web interface that provides a till/cashier to facilitate simple transactions using PaperCut NG/MF accounts. It’s specially designed for non-technical staff in educational organizations. For example, the cashier user may:

  • Charge end user accounts, or shared accounts, for ad-hoc services such as laminating, binding or library fines.

  • Deposit funds to a user’s personal printing account, usually after receiving a cash or electronic payment.

Although an administrator can perform account adjustments at any time, the Web Cashier interface is a simpler interface designed specifically for non-technical users such as office administration staff, library staff and service counter staff.

You can use Web Cashier in a variety of ways. Some examples:

  • The library teacher can use Web Cashier to charge students for various services such as document binding, laminating, or library fees without handling cash. Services are charged to the user’s balance and they receive an itemized transaction acknowledgment slip, which can be printed or automatically emailed if needed.

  • Office staff can accept payments from users and then credit the user’s balance using the simple Web Cashier Deposit screen (e.g. add extra quota or top-up an account over the counter). Web Cashier screens are simple and only present information tailored specifically to the cashier user’s role. (Purchase, Deposit or Both). This approach is ideal for smaller organizations who do not have the transaction volumn to justify Pre-Paid TopUp cards or an online payment gateway (see TopUp/Pre-Paid cards ).

  • When people leave an organization they can be provided with the balance of their account and the transaction can be recorded as a “refund” item, created by the PaperCut NG/MF administrator. The items are configurable and depend on the services the organization wants to provide.

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