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PaperCut NG & PaperCut MF Manual


View Web Cashier order history

A history of Web Cashier orders is displayed on the Order History tab.

This useful screen allows the Web Cashier to:

  • Validate the existence of a transaction/order by searching (e.g. on a reference number).

  • Bring up an order/transaction history for a given user or for a given account.

  • Quickly review recent transaction.

  • Access basic reports or export data.

You can view previous acknowledgement slips by clicking the reference number. You can also set up a filter. e.g. to view the transactions for a specific user. Export the list of orders using the Export / Print link.

You can access all Web Cashier reports via the PaperCut NG/MF Admin web interface:

  1. Select Reports > Transaction.
    The Transaction Reports page is displayed.

For more information, see Generate a Web Cashier report.